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“I’m really excited about the Gun Gale Online Alternative anime! It’s been too long time since we’ve last had an ongoing SAO animated series to talk about every week.”

“I hope Klein gets a girlfriend in the upcoming LN plotlines.”

“I’m probably more curious about the new ggo than excited about season 3..!”

“I abhor that people use SAO as a scapegoat. It’s bad enough when they blame it for a new anime not getting the attention they think it deserves or the problems of a completely unrelated series. [It’s on a whole other level when they start to blame the series for them abandoning all human decency and the anime community becoming toxic. This series isn’t FORCING YOU to act like complete douche-bags. It’s entirely on you, and it would benefit you to learn about a little thing called RESPECT.]

“I cried when I found out that the next LN arc is going to be the last. I’M GOING TO MISS THIS SERIES SSOOOOO MUCH!!”

“I’m glad that there are stories like the Excalibur arc to balance the tension and drama from the main plot line. Also for a chance to see Asuna interact with people other than Kirito.”

me: oh hey i haven’t updated myself on sao news for a while i wonder what’s up lately
a-1 pictures: season 3 is coming out this year, my dude



Sword Art Online Alicization Visual!


someone get sao fatal bullet for me thx xoxo

anyways here’s a liz from me procrastinating and trying out new brushes today 


New Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online trailer! Read more about it



Here ya go anon!